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Testimonies That Make You Cry

Thanks for checking up on us and yes this does close an important chapter with Our Father’s wishes.

I personally want to thank you again for your very efficient and wonderful work on our parent’s home. I recently opened a package that you sent me in which I saw the wonderful letter you wrote and I was moved by your kind expressions about me as a Seller!

Thanks a Million,
Richard Davis

Meeting Charita has been a true blessing. From our very first conversation she made it very clear that her purpose was to help us find the home that we loved. As soon as a home hit the market she was on it! Buying your first home can be overwhelming but Charita made sure we knew everything about each home that we viewed. Even when we started to feel discouraged from being over and even under bid she encouraged us that our perfect home was still out there! Charita is very knowledgeable about the home buying process amongst several other things that are good to know for home buyers! Working with Charita has been a absolute blessing! Even in the middle of a pandemic she didn’t give up she explained step by step how viewing homes would change due to Covid. Charita was always available and never too busy to hear us out and discuss our concerns. Our kids even loved Charita! From the start of the process until closing day she was available! I think I’ve even called her a few times after closing and she didn’t mind at all!! Charita genuinely cares and there is no doubt in our mind about that! I would refer anyone in the home buying process to Charita! And she knows when it’s time to make our second purchase she’s our only choice! We love Charita and can’t thank her enough! She’s EXCEPTIONAL!! 

The Bordens ❤️ 

Happy New Homeowner

After preparing for a few years , I was finally  in the market to buy my first home in 2014. Understanding this would be one of the biggest purchases  and decisions in my life I knew I needed to connect with a knowledgeable realtor that I could also trust and I found just that and more with Charita Cadenhead. From our initial interaction until the closing of my now New home she was an anchor in the entire process. Charita is a realtor that should not be looked over , hands down! She was thorough in her research, maintained a line of communication  at all times, always pointed out the details, gets to know her buyers/sellers needs and excels in meeting them, excellent time-management skills, patient, and always maintains a positive attitude no matter the situation. I would highly recommend Charita Cadenhead as your next realtor , you won’t be sorry.  -Erika L. Mixon, homeowner

Happy Seller

“Thank you Charita for all your help with the short sale of my townhouse.From answering questions about paperwork to coordinating everything between the bank and myself, Charita went above and beyond to help me sale my house. The townhouse had been on the market for two years before Charita was hired. Within the first two weeks she was showing my house and six months later it was sold. Thank you so much for all your help, Charita. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to sale their home!  Geneva Yerby

“I met Charita when I was in the market to purchase a home. As a first time home buyer I found Charita to be a breath of fresh air. She was very professional, knowledgeable and responsive during the entire process. She took time to explain the process thoroughly and to answer any questions or concerns I had. I found Charita to be always available when I reached out and prompt to any meeting we had. After purchasing the home our relationship continued to grow as I’ve had several questions concerning maintenance and often rely on Charita for referrals and recommendations for maintenance service. Her services are exceptional. As long as Charita is in the business she will have my business.  Sheena Brooks

“Being a service member and stationed overseas in Afghanistan, I was having a hard time finding a Realtor® that was willing to work with me until I came across Charita Cadenhead. We actually spoke for the first time 5 months before I made my first purchase. Her knowledge and professional advice helped me a lot in my decision to purchase an investment property.  I would definitely recommend choosing Charita Cadenhead when choosing a Realtor®.”  ~ R.Belle Jr

The Best Agent Ever

“After moving from Birmingham to Atlanta in August of 2007, I have gone through 2 agents and a property management company to sell/rent my home.  After having no luck, I stumbled upon Birmingham Wiire Realty and Ms. Charita Cadenhead.  After speaking with her and telling her my horror story of renting, I signed a contract with her to sell my home.  Everything started out okay, until the mortgage company (which merged with the original mortgagor) decided to foreclose on the property.  The foreclosure date was postponed several times and I have to say Charita worked diligently trying to find investors or buyers all the way to the end.  Finally, the property was foreclosed on in June 2010.  We found out in December 2010, that the foreclosure was rescinded and that we were free to sell the house.  Again, Charita was on it and didn’t waste any time.  By the next day the home was listed and she kept pushing to get the house sold.

In March 2011, she found a buyer and we were ready to close in a week when we hit a snag. The previous year foreclosure causes the title to be incorrect.  In other words, neither I nor my mortgage company owned the property.  This was a serious blow to the closing for this short sale that she worked so hard to obtain approval for. I desperately needed to finally be done with the property.  Ms. Cadenhead was on the phone immediately with the mortgage company, Title Company, foreclosure attorneys and any one that would listen.  Every day Charita was calling, emailing, faxing and leaving voicemails to every person that the mortgage company kept sending us to.  Charita didn’t let the fact that the mortgage company was basically ignoring me and her keep her from getting the situation resolved.

After desperately seeking a resolution for some months with no results, Charita encouraged me to file a complaint with the OCC.  Within a week and a half of filing the complaint, we finally got some feedback from the mortgage company’s Presidential Office (this is the big time) regarding the loan/property. Not only had they been ignoring us for 9 months, but it only took them a week to fix the title.  A week!! After all that and almost losing another buyer, Charita fought for this short sale all the way through to the end and I praise you for your hard work and diligence in getting this done. I don’t believe any other agent would have gone as far for as long as you did.  Thank you soo much.”  Forever in your graces, ~ Shannon Myricks (December 2011) (You can read about this particular short sale:  Another Birmingham Short Sale Success by Bham WIiRE Realty: Closed December 2011)

Charita is great to work with. she’ll give you her professional advice without trying to make you go along with her decision, she’ll give you the pros and cons of all situations unlike some Realtors®. I received daily updates even on the weekend about things that were going on with the house i was under contract with. will recommend her to everyone.  ~ Tenisha,  Client, Buyer

I met Charita when I needed to get one of my houses rented. She is a profoundly honest, experienced and professional person. She has a crew of very experienced people working for her that are willing to work with you. She is trustworthy and knows real estate. Vicki 

“As a property owner, I have found Bham WIire Realty an efficient and professional company.  From the very first phone call, Ms. Cadenhead has demonstrated a high level of conscientiousness in offering advise to me as an owner, and in marketing to and qualifying tenants.  All my dealings and discussions have been handled with the utmost respect and concern.

The company’s accounting and record keeping are above board, up-to-date, and available for my viewing anytime online.   As a long-distance owner, it is difficult to learn to trust that my property will be taken care of properly; but with Bham WIire Realty, I have been comfortable, truly perfectly satisfied, with our business relationship.  I recommend that all property owners interested in a property management company consider Bham WIire Realty.”  ~  Randall V.

“Charita Hughley Cadenhead is an excellent real estate person. Very attentive to your needs. When I was purchasing my house Charita called me on everything I needed to know. She was in contact with me even if it was just to say hello. She made it very easy to purchase my home. And she really did the work. If I had to buy another home or sell my home I would only contact Charita. So if any one is interested in doing business with Charita I would recommend her with out a doubt.”   ~ Carla R.

“It was a joy and pleasure to work with Charita Cadenhead…. Ms. Cadenhead was very thorough with explaining every aspect there is to know about purchasing a home as a first time homeowner. I was very pleased from the beginning to the end with how she handled everything. If you are in the market to buy, rent or sale your home I highly recommend Charita someone who understands your needs, one who is patient and knowledgeable about her profession.

If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely choose Charita Cadenhead with Bham WiIRE, Realty to help me find a home again. I recommend her to all my family and friends because a friend referred me to her. My experience with Charita, was awesome she provided great quality professional service with a friendly smile and great attitude. She is always on time for every meeting and just a phone call away. My relationship with Charita Cadenhead and Bham WiIRE Realty, didn’t just end the day I closed on my house because she send cards, call or e-mail just to check on you and she is still there to answer any questions I may still have about my home” –  Thanks so much for going above and beyond my expectations.”  ~ Tynice Smiley, Birmingham, Al

“I’m a real estate investor and without question, I  know that I can always can count on Charita to identify quality properties in areas where people still want to live regardless to whether they are renting or buying.  Charita is an investor too and she knows and understands the investor’s mindset.   She has lived up to her promise that she would not recommend to me any property that she would not want in her own portfolio.   I’ve experienced firsthand that Charita puts her clients needs before her own and I not only like that, I admire and respect that as well.” ~ Don Carter

“Thanks Charita! You have really helped to make this as stress free as possible. I appreciate you hanging in there with me. I know I can be persistent!…….Yes, you did a good job. I appreciate your knowledge and the expertise. I will be sure to recommend you to some of my friends. I have a couple of friends that would like to purchase and I told them about you and they said once I complete my deal they would probably contact you.”  – S.B, Birmingham

“Our experience with Bham WIiRE Realty has truly been a blessing.  We started working with Ms. Cadenhead around Jan. 2010.  The same day I called her and left her a message, she returned my called almost immediately.  The same day we had an appointment along with a list of properties to review and access to bhammls site which she setup to meet our needs.  Before reviewing properties Mrs. Cadenhead would take a drive by the property and review it to make sure it would meet the expectations of what we were looking for.  She was always open and honest to us in our search.  She didn’t try to sell us anything we didn’t want.  I know at times the process was a little tough, but she never let it show.  Her comments were always, “I’m going to find you a house”.  Well I was always interested in the McCalla area but my husband didn’t agree.  She asked why don’t we call and make an appointment and take a drive down.  Well we did and we both were sold.

I can truly say Charita Cadenhead is an outstanding person to work with, and she is very very proactive.  Her response time is almost instantly.  She never stops working for you!”  ~ T. Means-Perry (Bessemer)

“Charita has been a very dependable, hard working and creative real estate agent and proporty manager. She is well organized and timely. I would not hesitate to reccommend her to a friend or family member.”
Service Category: Real Estate Agent; Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once); Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity” ~ S. Meleth (Birmingham, AL)

“My wife and I live in Texas and we helped our son purchase a townhouse in Birmingham a few years ago.  When he moved to another city, we contacted Bham WIire Realty to rent and manage the townhouse for us.  Charita advertised, screened prospective tenants, and found someone who was a good fit.

We are very pleased with the way Charita has managed the townhouse.  She keeps us informed of any repairs needed, and contacted us about four months before the tenant’s original lease expired to plan for the following lease year.  The tenant decided to renew her lease for a second year, which I believe is primarily due to Charita’s efforts in building and maintaining a good relationship with the tenant.

We also like having online access to the revenue and expense reports provided by Bham WIire Realty, including the year-end summary, which makes doing our taxes much easier.  We especially like having our monthly rental payments direct deposited into our bank account, so we don’t have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail and hassle with making a deposit.

We don’t worry about the townhouse because we know that Charita is taking care of it.  She is very professional and responsible, and we would recommend Bham WIire Realty to anyone needing a property management company.”  ~ Mike Glisson (The Woodlands, TX)

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  1. Working with Reality Agent Charita Cadenhead was a blessing, she helped me find the perfect home I was searching for, not only that, but very professional as well as kindhearted and a good wonderful spirit. Jacqueline Jemison. Birmingham Alabama.

    1. Thank you so much. It was my pleasure working with you. I appreciated your patience in this very challenging market.

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