Dear Unrepresented Seller a.k.a. For Sale by Owner

I can appreciate your desire to sell your home yourself in an attempt to save money.  Lord knows we could all be a little more thrifty.  I also understand that you believe that we Realtors® don’t do much more than you can do yourself.  So much so that you can do it yourself right?  While you may get your home sold, it’s usually not until after the fact that you realize just how much you actually gave away in the sale.

Just a reminder that after the contract has been finalized, your ability to continue negotiating is futile.  It may be just a little too late for your “epiphany.”  Had you used a Realtor®, more than likely, they would have advised otherwise before you signed the contract.  But oh yeah, that’s right……you don’t need no stinkin’ Realtor®.

Fortunately for you, I recognize that my role as a Realtor® calls for me to be honest in my dealings with the public and I can hold my head up very high in successfully honoring that commitment even though I represented the buyer.  Unrepresented sellers will always be able to say that I dealt with honestly and with respect.

And I know that you’ll probably learn a few lessons from your home sale experience and at the forefront of those lessons should be “next time use a Realtor®.”  But just in case you that lesson somehow escapes you, and you think you can get it right the next time, because speaking as a Realtor® it would take you a lifetime of selling houses to learn what we already know:  A formal real estate education combined with ongoing day to day experience is PRICELESS.

Oh and just one final thing, if you are going to be consulting with someone in the background (hopefully not an unpaid real estate agent advisor), why don’t you just do the right thing and pay them to represent you (particularly if  they are a licensed real estate agent). It really will be apparent that you are talking to someone,  But here’s another word of caution, should you decide to hire a real estate agent the next time, please don’t use the one that was advising you behind the scenes.  I promise you that you probably could have done better.

NOTE TO HOMEBUYERS:  Always use a Realtor® when dealing with unrepresented sellers.  It is in your best interest.


Charita H. Cadenhead
Experienced Realtor®

photo credit: Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos Pepper Farm via photopin (license)