Funny Thing Happened While Watching James Corden

So I’m sitting in bed watching Late Late Show with James Corden and he’s playing this game that resembles Hollywood Squares via Zoom.  There were 15 players, I believe, and not a single one was a celebrity.  They were just regular folks like you and me.  As they each introduced themselves, I see and hear this young lady say, my name is Chastity and I’m from Birmingham, AL.  Say what?  I’m audibly saying “yes, REPRESENT!”

I know you know what I do next.  I raced to Facebook to look her up.  I know she’s playing the game, but I want to connect with her to support my homegirl.  I find her and send a friend request and we connected today.  But here’s the best part:  Chastity Webb is a loan officer at Wells Fargo and now I have a new referral partner for my buyer clients.  I look forward to working with Chastity in the near future.

If you’re in the market to buy a home, let’s you and I talk  and get the ball rolling.  Getting pre-qualified for a loan is an absolute must when preparing to buy a home.  You can reach Chastity at 205-790-7597 or email her at  [email protected].  As a matter of fact, you can go ahead and start the application process right here.