Is Your House Pretending to Be For Sale

Don’t Be a Pretend Homeseller

There are many ways that a house can be disguised as being for sale, such as:

  • Grossly overpriced
  • Lack of creativity in descriptions or no description at all
  • Not enough info about the home itself in the description
  • Lack of home features (where specific fields are available in the MLS), contact info of agents that never answer or return calls
  • Incorrect lockbox codes in agent notes (or multiple codes for a single property so it’s a game of “your guess is as good as mine”)
  • Unreasonable showing instructions (i.e. available to show ONLY on Mon and Wed between 1pm and 3pm)

Sellers that are serious about selling their house, clearly want to project that in their listing.  Sellers want to make sure that their agent have included:

  • Photos that give a clear picture of the home’s features and invite the buyer in the house
  • Descriptions that go far beyond “won’t last long” and nothing or not much else
  • Showing instructions with short notice were possible and not limited to specific windows of time
  • Above all else, if you really want your house to seller, you must price it right.

NOTE TO SELLERS:  You should be just a little bit curious as to how your listing is presented in the MLS.  It’s okay to check up on your listing agent to see how they are presenting your home for sale (if it really is for sale that is).

Do a Google search on your address and see where it is showing up and how it’s being presented (sold) to the world.  Give credit where credit is due, but everyone recognizes a lousy job when they see it.  Above all, make sure you’re not the culprit of “pretending that your home is for sale” by insisting that it’s overpriced.If you are looking for a real estate agent to shine a magnificent light on your home for sale, contact Charita H. Cadenhead, your Greater Birmingham, Alabama Realtor of Choice. We’ll do it right the first time! Birmingham-Hoover Metro Area Real Estate