It’s Only a Lowball Offer if the Home is Priced Right

  • Seller denial, defensiveness and offensiveness
  • Listing agent denial that s/he listed a home that was is properly priced

If the buyer’s agent has done a good job of explaining to buyers how to derive at an offer price (based on the solid foundation available sales data)), then the buyer will be in a much stronger position to make a good offer.  Furthermore, the buyer’s agent will be in a better position to present, defend and negotiate from a standpoint of being able to justify the offer price.

When a buyer makes a lowball offer on a home that is properly priced, the buyer is not giving the listing agent anything to work with to reinforce that the offer is a reasonable one to be considered.

Comparable sales don’t lie and are to be considered an indisputable truth.  Always be prepared to make offers that you can support with available data. If the seller doesn’t accept then they just prove themselves incapable of analyzing information of further make themselves look really silly.