SOLD: Ms. Allen Part Deux

It’s only been about 3 weeks since my seller/buyer closed the books on Chapter 1 when she sold her home of over 20 years at 8601 9th Ct. Cir S.  Now here she is on page one of an all new and exciting chapter in her new home.

Ms. Allen has been quite the patient seller/buyer and she took everything in stride during both transactions. Her sense of humor kept me laughing.  Even when she felt uncertain, she kept a sense of humor.  An agent just could not ask for anything more.

We closed bright and early on closing day and right before closing we took one final walk through of the property and then headed to SouthOak Title for closing.  A buyer should always do a final walk thru and I always try to make sure this is done on the day of closing rather than the day before.  All was well at the home and the transfer of deed sealed the deal.

Well Ms. Allen, enjoy your new home and I can hardly wait til COVID is over.  I’ll be looking for an invite to the big housewarming party.  In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy your closing gift.