Real Estate Closing

So What Is a Closing?

“Going to closing” is a term that home buyers will hear often throughout the home buying process.  Another term often repeated is the “closing table.”  In many cases it can takes weeks before  it becomes clear what is meant by those terms so the following explains these terms.

Going to closing refers to the day when the deed transfers from the home seller to the home buyer.  At closing, the buyer signs loan documents that commit them to a “note” which is a promise to pay the amount that the mortgage company is lending them to purchase the home.

When a lender has given the clear to close, it means that all conditions have been met for mortgage company to approve the mortgage loan.  In addition, the clear to close suggest that all contingencies have been removed and there is no reason to delay the transfer of deed, distribute funds to the existing mortgagor, home owner, real estate commissions, legal fees and payment to service providers if applicable.  It’s the day that the seller turns over keys to the new owner.

In Alabama, the closing will be organized and facilitated by a closing attorney.  The closing attorney will go over and explain all of the documents to be signed by the buyer and the seller.  A successful closing will result with the home buyers being new home owners as a result of all conditions being met.

Charita Cadenhead is a licensed Realtor® in the State of Alabama since 2006, serving the Metro Birmingham market.  In 2007, she founded Bham WIiRE (Birmingham Women Investing in Real Estate). Bham WIiRE consisted of women interested in real estate investing, but later the focus expanded to include all women interested in any aspect of the world of real estate.  She is co-author of the book “Sell Your House Fast for the Right Price”, and has been featured on  She is an avid blogger on with nearly 1300 posts to date,  including a great number of featured posts.