So You Don’t Think You Need a Home Inspection

No matter whether I am working with an investor buyer, owner occupant, first time home buyer or buyers that have purchased several homes. I am always going to encourage them to get a home inspection.

Sure you may walk through a home and on the surface, everything looks fine.  The home seemingly has been well taken care of and that may very well be the case. But how would you know if you don’t get a home inspection.

Only once do I recall a horror story about a one of my buyers that passed up an inspection.  Actually she had a home inspection, requested repairs but didn’t follow the inspectors advice to have an industry professional take a look at the repairs to ensure the quality of the work.  The buyer moved in and the first heavy rain, the remodeled basement was flooded.

That’s just the horror story of one of my buyers.  Trust me when I tell you, I here these stories all of the time.  Usually an inspection is passed up because the buyer may want to reserve the $250 to $300 for something other than a home inspection.  Perhaps they just want to keep it in their pockets.  

Here’s my recommendations

  1. Always, always get a home inspection. Try to find something else to skimp on but not this.
  2. Should you chose to bypass the home inspection, be sure you bank that $250 – $300.  You’re may need it when the ceiling caves in from a leak roof, or when the galvanized pipes need replacing a week after you move in.  Heaven forbid you’ll need it to mediate the extensive mold that could have been uncovered during a home inspection.

SIDE NOTE:  Purchasing a commercial building requires an inspection as well.