The Myth: Selling During the Holiday Season

Why List Your Home During the Holiday?

The number 1 reason to list and keep your house on the market during the holiday season is because there is likely to be less competition.  You see people have believed the myth that having a home on the market during the holidays is a bad time of the year to sell. They reason that few people are looking for homes during the holiday.  Where they got that information, I don’t know.  But consider this:  not everyone is a buzz with traditional holiday fare such as long lines to catch the lastest and greatest toys for their kids, spending money that they really need to keep in the bank to have less impact on their loan approval.  And let’s not forget those that don’t celebrate in the tradition way for whatever reason.

But back to the biggest reason.  Because homeowners believe that not listing their home around the holidays is a bad idea, many homeowners make the decision to wait to sell until after the holiday. Why is that good for you?  Because it means that you have less competition,  It means that if buyers are looking for homes in your area, your home becomes one of the few that they have to look at.  Fewer choices for buyers, means better selling opportunities for sellers.

Don’t Buy Into the Myth

Want to sell your home?  Consider listing your home or keeping your home on the market during the holiday.  You may be pleasantly surprised and have the best holiday ever.

Happy holiday.