Trusted Advisors in the Home Buying Process

Introducing Your Confidantes Into the Process?

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It is not uncommon for Birmingham Alabama home buyers to want to have trusted advisers to accompany them on showings.   However, it’s up to the real estate professional do discuss with buyers how this affects the process and what is considered acceptable and customary.  I have definitely experienced the Committee Method when working with buyers.  But this whole scenario of having advisers accompany the buyer on showings brings up a number of concerns.

This isn’t an all inclusive list of concerns, but here are some that serve as food for thought  and please know that  the sellers certainly have to be considered in the process particular in an occupied house.

Who Are These People And Why Are They Here Says the Seller

When you take a “committee” to showings, it’s important to first get the approval of the seller.  After all, agents have permission to show homes to “qualified buyers.”  Home sellers already have some angst about buyers (strangers) being in the home, but when the buyers are accommpanied by a committee, with or without seller permission, smoke may suddenly appear from the ears of sellers.

This applies to inspections as well.  Some buyers feel that they have a right to have a “pre-inspection” before the “real” inspection and surprisingly, some buyer’s agents will allow it without the permission of the seller.  To fully grasp what I mean, think about it this way: do you want people snooping around your home (rented or otherwise) without your permission.  What if, during a “pre-inspection”, someone get hurt even if it’s their own fault.  Who’s going to take responsibility for that? After all, they didn’t have permission to be there in the first place.

No Clear Cut Relationship Between Buyer’s Agent and the Committee

Okay so I know that the buyer’s agent has an agreement with the buyer which establishes the relationship and sets expectations.  But, what about the committee?  No such clear cut guidelines exist between the committee and the buyer’s agent. Of course we understand that we have to be cordial to the committee in order to maintain the relationship with the buyer, but where do we draw the line?

  • Is it when comments and advice becomes so contrary to the truth that it’s deemed intolerable?
  • Is it when a member of the committee knocks over a table lamp during the tour?
  • It is when buyers have become frustrated and their decision making has become stymied?