What Did They Use This Room For?

magination is Imperative in the Home Buying Process

What Did They Use This Room For? That is a question that we real estate agents get a lot while viewing vacant homes with home buyers.  However, the fact is that unless we had seen the home while someone was living in it, we really don’t have a clue how a previous home dweller used a particular room.

The Real Question Is What Uses Can You Think of for a Room?

Sure knowing what a particular room was used for can be helpful, but what is most important is how can you best use a room to suit your needs. If a previous inhabitant used a dining room for storage only, how would that affect your decision to use the dining room as storage as well?  You’d probably think that it was a bad choice to use a dining room for a storage room.

But here’s a consideration:  what if you and/or your family are not the formal dining type.  But rather, perhaps you operate a home business and could see that space used for an office rather than a dining room.  Well then, there you have it….what has traditionally been used for a dining room or a previous dwellers storage room, will now be used for your office.

A Room Serves Whatever Purpose You Need it to Serve

We have come a long way since rooms in a house served as traditional spaces. These days, any room in a house has the potential to be used however you see fit and that is the attitude that will serve you well when viewing homes.  So from now on when viewing homes to purchase, forget about how a previous inhabitant used a room.  Instead focus on your needs and how you can use the space.

Charita Cadenhead is a licensed Realtor® in the State of Alabama since 2006, serving the Metro Birmingham market.  In 2007, she founded Bham WIiRE (Birmingham Women Investing in Real Estate). Bham WIiRE consisted of women interested in real estate investing, but later the focus expanded to include all women interested in any aspect of the world of real estate.  She is co-author of the book “Sell Your House Fast for the Right Price”, and has been featured on NuWire.com.  She is an avid blogger on ActiveRain.com with nearly 1300 posts to date,  including a great number of featured posts.